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Online Speech & Language Therapy for children, teens and adults

Speech Sound Disorders or Delays

This can include not meeting milestones for speech sounds, missing sounds at the beginning or ends of words, and more.

Professional Communication

For adults who want to work on skills for interviews, networking, assertiveness, and more. 


Lisps can have a negative social impact on children and adult confidence, but speech therapy has very positive results in reducing lisps

Receptive Language

This includes understanding directions, inferencing, categories and concepts, vocabulary and more.  

Expressive Language

This can include vocabulary, spoken sentence structure, use of gestures, AAC, and more.  


Concerns surrounding voice can vary from poor quality (hoarseness, poor breath support) to vocal nodules or polyps.


FREE 15-min

A free online consult will help determine if this is a good fit for your concerns, and determine next steps. Complete a contact form or book yourself by using 'Online Booking'



Depending on your concern, a further assessment may be needed to make a therapy plan. Assessments will be 60 minutes in length.



Therapy sessions can be booked, for 30 minutes or 60 minutes, depending on goals and need, as discussed with the SLP. We are fully virtual.

Therapy Sessions
To get started, please use the online booking system to book your free online consult.
If you have questions you'd like to ask over e-mail, then please use the contact form below.
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