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I provide teletherapy services to children and adults. Please read below to see which area of concern I could provide support for.


Speech therapy for adults can help improve communication abilities in professional, social, and personal settings. It may involve exercises for the movement of muscles used in speech, cognitive retraining, or strategies to improve communication in specific situations. With the help of a skilled speech therapist, adults can overcome their communication challenges and improve their quality of life.

Areas of concern that I can assist with:

  • Accent modification

  • Voice difficulties or disorders

  • Speech sounds difficulties, lisp, or R

  • Communication after brain injury and aphasia

  • Dysphagia (swallowing difficulties)

  • Dysarthria (motor speech difficulties) 

  • Social communication related to ASD or ADHD

  • Professional communication 

Adults in speech therapy


I provide individualized assessments and therapy plans to help each child reach their full potential. I use a variety of evidence-based techniques and fun activities to make therapy sessions engaging and effective. With my support, children can improve their communication skills, boost their confidence, and succeed both academically and socially. In addition to this, I believe that parent education is an essential part of a child's improvement. 

Due to working virtually, therapy would work best if your child is comfortable being in front of the screen, even if that is with some parent/adult support.  

Areas of concern that I can assist:

  • Stuttering

  • Speech sounds/articulation, lisps 

  • expressive language (spoken language)

  • receptive language (understanding/comprehension)

  • motor speech difficulties

I am inclusive to children with ASD and ADHD as well.

Children in speech therapy
To get started, please use our online booking system to book your free online consult.
If you have questions you'd like to ask over e-mail, then please use the contact form below.
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