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Book Clubs

I have been an avid reader for most of my life, but found that heading into the working field has left very little time for that. Working in private practice can also leave less room for random meetings or discussions with others, especially co-workers. So, I wanted to start a book club for my fellow SLPs to meet, discuss, and explore ideas together. 

How It Works 

Each book club group will have a maximum of 15 participants at a time, in order to allow everyone time for discussion. 

The book club is all virtual, so attend from wherever you live! We will use Zoom. 

We will have a short pre-book club meeting, to vote on our book, introduce ourselves, and decide on our book club schedule (on a Saturday, once or twice a month). 

How to register


Please fill out the registration form and we will be in touch with you soon! Please remember this book club is for registered Speech-Language Pathologists/Speech Therapists, anywhere in the world. The predominant language we will be speaking is English. 


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